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2017 Club Champion, Jeff Doyle Net and Dan DeShano Gross.
2017 Club Championship Results!

2018! SBGC Point Series Player of the Year Contest!
2018 Player of the Year Contest Standings

Top 5 POY for 2018
Rank Points Member Events Behind
0 0.00Robert Allen00.00
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Last 12
Tournament Results

June: CC 2017 Rd 2 on Pete Dye: Jeff Doyle Net 141
Final Round of Championship
May: May Challenge: Gagnon, D.-Huesch Net 68
April: Tax Time Relief: York Net 70
March: Scramble at the Creek (MAJOR): DeShano/Ridgway Net 62
MAJOR for POY Points
February: Net StableFord Points: DeShano & Quinn 24 Points
January: Low Net at Mile Square GC: DeShano and Seifert Net 69
December: Year End Low Net: Ridgway Net 67
No Range Balls Included :(
November: Eagle Glen GC: Huesch-Mitchell Net 61
Moved Best Ball to this event. Points doubled for this event.
October: Oak Quarry G.C.: Downey Net 65
September: 2-Man Marathon (Scramble on IKE): Campbell & Campbell Net 59
September: 2-Man Marathon (Best Ball on Babe): Gagnon, D. & Huesch, E. Net 62
August: Individual Low Net: Downey, Jim Net 69



South Bay Golf Club
Scot A. Maga, President
Dan DeShano, Vice President
Tony Schumacher, Secretary

South Bay Golf Club
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